Thermic Heat Transfer PTY LTD has always been carrying out the concept of taking product quality as the lifeline of enterprise, and created a complete set of quality management and after-sales service system. Relying on industry-leading technological advantages, excellence in quality assurance and a worry-free service system, our products have successively passed a series of quality control certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and national mandatory product certification; at the same time, our products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world and have acquired a lot of International product certifications such as ErP.VERSOL Products are manufactured in our facilities in UK, Italy and Poland with collective experienced of more than 25 years in Design, Production and Quality Control. VERSOL is one of the leading producers of turnkey water heating/ cooling solutions with installation experience worldwide.


ESTECH, an American based manufacturer for Plumbing equipment including pressure vessels, water heaters, heat pumps for Water Heating & Cooling solutions. ESTECH products are of high quality and in accordance with American standards.


CERTUSS was formed in 1957 to manufacture reliable, low-noise steam generators, which were easy to maintain and suitable for continuous operation. These generators use the water-tube boiler principle, the most commonly used method of steam generation worldwide. Today the company operates worldwide. By concentrating on a clearly defined product line and with continuous research and development the company manufactures to the highest quality with certified quality assurance conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


Flotecs, serve in the design and manufacture of liquid and gas flow handling equipment. We offers with our combined design experienced and provide solutions, meeting the needs of our client for any flue and fluid applications. Our product expertise and experience in the industries and utilities that we cater to are reflected in our proven, time-tested designs.


Making. Life. Easy. Based on this triad, we develop products and solutions that make life easier for people in many ways. We measure ourselves against this high standard. We consider customer needs at an early stage and from a comprehensive perspective. At Wilo, successful innovations are born from sound knowledge and a keen sense for future technology and market requirements.


Backed by a tremendous industry experienced of 12 years and counting, we are India’s leading manufacturers, designers and exporters of high quality electrical heaters, pressure vessels, calorifiers and chillers for HVAC and Industrial applications.


Fostered over by years of experience in both manufacturing and thermal designing of Heat Exchangers, Kinam has become one of the leading manufacturers of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) & Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers (CTHE). With extensive research and proven results, Kinam has developed the next generation heat exchanger ‘KICC’. These exchangers are most efficient when it comes to condensing applications. Kinam with its remarkable achievements continues to grow & be the leader in the heat transfer industry.


Bozzler Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a passion driven company by many individuals who are good at knowledge of Machine design, Industrial aspect and Social responsibilities. As dealing with burning fuels and heating equipment solutions to modern industry, we always tries to deliver an Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly option which results into best resource of better productivity and environment.


Skyline Pharmatech designs and manufacturers processing machineries for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Chemical industries. Due to highly acquired skills of fabrication, hard work, good workmanship, a wide range of products and fast deliveries the company is geared up and established its brand name in the turn-key projects and machinery manufacturing field.

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